Sunday, September 26, 2010

This Got Me Angry This Morning

Stupid Tumblr. I can put up with most anything except that pictures showing deliberate cruelty and pictures like this. My comments are in bold and the responses I got have the name of the tumblr who made them in brackets. Some people can be such goobers at times.

Back the fuck up you little freaks. No candy, no pennies and I go for the shotgun if you take one step closer to my door.

Contrary to alot of the comments of “epic” and “awesome” I disagree. I disagree not because of where its from and the content of it (lol please) but realistically no kid THIS YOUNG sits there knows (or should) about this film/novel.

It pisses me off a bit to see rather then let kids have fun and pick their own costume out some jackass DNA dumpsters thought it be cute to make an exotic hipster-esque statement so their kids stand out.

What assholes. (Hypnotique)

Thanks for saying what you did. I can understand not wanting to ruin a sheet by cutting eye holes in it (which makes the easiest costume ever) but they actually sell garbage bags that are orange and look like pumpkins at this time of year. If you are a lazy ass parent pull one of those over your kid’s head and stuff it with leaves.

What? Walmart was all out of Ted Bundy costumes? Get a grip.

If I may interject, I saw first “A Clockwork Orange” when I was eight.(youshouldntcare)

So what? That may be why you are so fucked up. And just because you saw it when you did doesn’t make it right. Let kids be kids for as long as you can. There are enough things to occupy their nightmares when they are old enough to put things into context. I bet next you are going to tell me that you saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre when you were six. If you do, my answer to you is still going to be the same.

I’ll just say this conversation is ridiculous and you need to calm the fuck down. (youshouldntcare)

After he said this he unfollowed me. I couldn't be happier with myself right now. I pissed some twit off and didn't have to show a single boob to make him go away.


Chase March said...

Hi Cal,

I agree. Certain costumes just shouldn't be worn by kids, even at Halloween. Thanks for calling attention to it.

On a side note, I have been checking your tumblr since you started and I don't quite understand how it is "supposed" to work.

For instance, can you reblog something to Blogger? and how do you comment on images? I just haven't been able to figure out how that works.

Keep doing what you're doing though because although I don't comment often (or at all on tumblr - as of yet) I do appreciate what you share.


Kal said...

Everyone you follow posts images or makes comments. As you scroll through their pictures (and you get to the scroll by clicking dashboard on the top right) you can see their images or comments. If you want to reblog their images to your own tumblr collection you click reblog and when you do you have a box underneath the picture that allows you to comment, add a caption or remove comments all together if you just want to reblog the image. I rarely do anything but add goofy captions but today I got mad at those costumes and people answered what I had written. Then I just cut and pasted to blogger. Sometimes I will post images at both Twitter and Blogger if I feel I am being particularly witty at that moment. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for the comment Chase.

Contemplating Cadie said...

Sometimes I help my kids "decide" on their costumes. Why? Well for one... because I make them. It's like the one 'mom' thing I do and my son who is old enough to appreciate it wouldn't have it any other way. And for two, I want my kids to learn (by watching)to think outside of the box. Like... Instead of being one of 200 Sponge Bobs when he was three, he went as a haybale (his idea)last year he went as groceries... both times people thought the costumes were real. (yay mom.) So the kids brain-storm ideas throughout the year and the first one that I think I can pull off I jump on and once I've chosen one to make they don't get to change their minds.
This year my kid is going to go as a snow skier. (Woohoo an easy one.) And me? I'm wearing a sundress.

Drake said...

8 years old when they saw Clockwork and i'm so sure they understood the movie.
Dressing kids up like droogs is about on the level of those sick parents that make their little girls tart up to be in those sick beauty pagents for children.

Kal said...

Ah the sundress. I hope we don't wear the same one CB because that is always embarassing.

Those sound like great costumes. My mom got the pattern to make me a Batman costume but came up with some lame excuse why she couldn't ever sew it in the DECADE I could have enjoyed being him for Holloween.

My dad made me a great robot once with blinking lights and when Star Wars came out I was the ONLY Luke Skywalker that looked like him with an actually cool lightsaber made from a high beam military flashlight and a plastic tube. It glowed in the dark gym and was a huge hit. The Darth Vader kid had a red stick. I RULED.

DrGoat said...

Totally agree. CO is a great novel and a good movie...but to dress your kids up like Alex and one of his droogs is so bad.

Budd said...

they just wanted some milk. At their ages, princesses and super heroes should be the standard fare.

Kal said...

Especially when the stores are full of ready made costumes. Remember our days (it disturbs me that I have become one of those - "In my day" guys) when they had those stupid ponchos and plastic masks that weren't meant to last more than one day. And the elastic always broke on the mask and the edges of the mask could slice bread?

Darius Whiteplume said...

I just watched ACO, and yeah, I can't think of what part a kid could likely watch.

I'm not so sure that many kids pick their own costumes, especially at that age. Also, maybe Alex isn't much different from The Joker, save that The Joker did have his funny Silver-Age phase where he wasn't so lethal. Deep down, though, he's a psychopath, but was not deemed inappropriate for kids.