Friday, September 24, 2010

My Model For Monarchy

When you all come to your senses and make me this planet's ruling monarch, you need not worry I will go all crazy. I will model my reign after this guy - King Abdullah II of Jordan. Like his father he is intelligent and rational and a calm voice in the Middle East. He has a hot wife and a real sense of style when he plays dress-up. He's an Arab friend to Israel - and one of the only sensible voices in the region. I dig his Majesty.


DEZMOND said...

that's the amazing queen Raniah, she's kinda a royal superstar.
Moroccan queen (although she doesn't have the tittle as far as I know, they don't give the wives of a king a tittle there) Lala Selma is also pretty and her hubs is also a cool monarch.

Kal said...

This is why you are one of the good ones, Dez.

DEZMOND said...

why is that? :)
Oh, I guess you've checked out Lala Selma and found out she is a fiery red-head :P

DEZMOND said...

but my spelling is wrong as usually, her name in English is actually Lala Salma.