Thursday, September 23, 2010

Insanity I Tells Ya

There are few things I love more than reading through the posts on my blog list. I love to comment and to answer comments left at my site. I wish more people did that especially when I leave something I think is pithy but no matter.

Today Megan mentioned something that always bothered her about "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" - a movie I adore and know all the songs by heart. This reminded me of the scene below from another favorite (especially at Christmas) - "The Sound of Music".

I can't believe that only last year did I notice how these pre-war Austrian children and their nanny, with very little training in puppetry or TIME to put on a show mind you, somehow manage to put on the MOST ELABORATE PIECE OF PUPPET ENTERTAINMENT EVER.

First of all the puppets themselves would have cost a fortune. I always wondered if they could do other songs with the same puppets or would they need a fresh set for each new tune?

Watch for yourself and notice how the whole thing just gets more and more elaborate as it goes on and not ONE KID fucks up their part. I know they are talented but basically they have been in juvie most of their lives and no person goes from being terrorized by their strict father to becoming an expert puppeteer. It just doesn't happen.

Enjoy the clip below for its delicious insanity. I for one can't get enough. I guarantee that at one point you will yell "COME ON!" at the screen. Personally I do that around the time the three couples come out and dance in perfect harmony.


Tempo said...

I think it's just that puppetry is so corny that you can believe kids did it.
Chitty chitty bang bang was one of the first movies my dad and mum took us to see at the cinema. I was most impressed, even though I didnt understand a lot of it.

Kal said...

I had the record album of all the songs and I loved that record to death. The guy who kidnapped the kids always scared me too.

Kal said...

I re-read what you said about the puppetry - it's still insane.

M. D. Jackson said...

It is insane. I tried to learn puppetry as a young teen. I had one marionette which I bought at a specialty store in Britain. It took me days just to make the little guy look like he was walking. The strings kept getting tangled and my hands cramped up constantly. And that was just one puppet.

In real life with that many puppets... well you'd need scissors to get them apart.

TS Hendrik said...

Having grown up on a diet of musicals I've just come to accept these types of things as reality. It was the strict upbringing that made them capable of training instead of sleeping so they could please their father and the newly warmed cockles of his heart.

Kal said...

I fooled me for many years. I realize now I had PESD - Post Edelwies Stress Disorder - once I had cleared the tears from my eyes the puppet show was over. But for some reason last year it just was insane to me...that is the only word for it...INSANE.

DrGoat said...

I was raised with musicals and classical music also. But we had things like Guys and Dolls, Paint Your Wagon and The King and I. My parents rarely subjected us to The Sound of Music, but my Mom played it occasionally. Thank the stars.
Never could get next to it.

csmith2884 said...

This is why you are my King and I am just a follower. Never got musicals or puppets.

Christopher *scratching his big bald head*