Friday, September 24, 2010


FREAKIN' Lego makes Seahorses now? SEAHORSES???? Just to rub it in my face. I am going back with them if only to break up with them more harshly than last time. This time I will break up with Lego in the rain so I can kick Lego out of my car on the interstate.

YES, I will drive Lego across the border just to dump Lego in another country so she is arrested by homeland security when I turn Lego in for being a Muslim without a passport.

Stop playing with my mind Lego. And don't get me started about these Spartans.


Tempo said...

...I hear theyre making fish next..then whales and octopus. So what ya gunna do about them fishes?!

Kal said...

They have already made octopus sets where the bastard attack a submarine that looks like an actual submarine and the speargun holding frogmen (complete with flippers and googles - like Playmobile and their amazing accessories) go after them. It's just doesn't end with this company. Kid's need no imagination these days. There are so many widgets and gadgets and fully formed parts that you don't have to use you imagination. You know what my undersea world was? A rectangular box for a sub and single rectangular pieces for fish. You can imagine how angular my octopus was. And he fought toy army men. Me and my full brain loved it.