Thursday, August 27, 2009

Like A Thunderball

The old Connery versions of the James Bond movies really stand up after all these year. Of course 'Goldfinger' is my often professed favorite. How can you miss with such a cool villain and henchman. The tricked out Astin Martin is the top three of my dream cars. But when it comes to sheer action and adventure I gotta go with 'Thunderball'. Largo is a perfect snake of a villain (he even wears a patch so you just KNOW he's evil and lost that eye while up to no good) and how can you not love the beautiful Dominoe? This one even has a fricken JET PACK scene at the beginning. (I am STILL waiting for mine) The true highlight, though, is the underwater fight footage that was quite revolutionary for its day. Teams of divers with spear guns battling it out, everything set to that great Bond music. Heaven. If you doubt my sincerity when I say I love watching Bond give SPECTRE the screwgie, I direct you to the ring worn by all SPECTRE agents. Notice a familiar evil motif? I thought you might. Yeh, I know, a bit flashy for a secret terrorist organization. Sometimes there is just no talkng to these people.

You were great Sean. No one would ever think that anyone could do the role better than you but I am giving my boy Daniel Craig one more movie before making my man crush on him official. Not your fault. He is a different bond for a different time. While you will always be the Bond of wit and style with those oh so casual and clever 'bon mots', he is a meatier brute perfect for the times we live in.


Wings1295 said...

Have to admit I have never seen this flick. Cool pics, though, except for that damn creepy ring! Run if you see that!

Margaret Benbow said...

Yes, I too would claim Daniel Craig is even better than Connery--complex and diamond-hard. When this guy falls in love in Casino Royale, it MEANS something. Roger Moore was some kind of imposter-Bond--so warm and fuzzy. It was kind of entertaining to notice how, as he got more geriatric (Geezer Bond) they covered him up more and more in the love scenes until, in the last movie, only his feet were showing.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...
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Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Wing Wing need to see this movie so I can bear lookin at you again my brother.

Margaret - totally agree with you. I like my Daniel Craig's damaged Bond who is more of a little boy lost until you get him riled. Then all his issues and hurts explode in crushing violence. Definately the blunt end of the sword. I also love the mother/son relationship he has with M's Judy Densch (?)- the only person he can ever really trust. I hope in the next film she is put in somekind of mortal danger that he has to rescue her from.

August 27, 2009 9:52 AM

Thomas Pluck said...

Man, now I want a SPECTRE ring.