Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Damn Chainsaw

This picture illustrates my contention that using a chainsaw exclusively to fight zombies is a 'high risk - low reward' technique. Sure you get maximum cutting power but you have to get in close to do the serious wetwork. I can get the same effect with a slashing weapon of some kind. Plus, if you can't start the stupid thing or it runs out of fuel then basically your days as a zombie fighter are over. You want to have a VARIETY of methods available to you from the long distance pacification of a firearm to the aforementioned sword or knives. But there is always one Goobber who thinks getting covered in zombie juice is the best, most effective way to make a dent in the opposition. You keep thinking that buddy. Can I have your pork chop when we don't see you at diner? This was created by artist Shane "Das Chupa" Parker.



Lemmy Caution said...

I'm reminded of the hero using a push lawn mower to battle the undead in Dead Alive. Woo!

Wings1295 said...

Big ass guns with plenty of ammo and a sight to keep their melon heads in view. All we need!