Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sea Monkeys Attack!

You really gotta admire the 'moxie' displayed by these Sea Monkeys. The butt of jokes for decades, they have no fear to stand up the octopus who would oppress their people just because they may look a little different. I gotta tell you. I like their courage and determination to spit in the face of the cephalopod tyrants. I believe they may be the allies that we seek. Thanks to Nicole for always being on the lookout for me. Her contributions to the struggle do her honor.


Wings1295 said...

hahahahah I remember the ads from when I was a kid, on the back of comic books, showing the little Sea Monkey familys. What are they really, like brine shrimp or something? RIP OFFS!!! hahahahaha

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I KNOW..I totally expected them to look like that and sit down to diner and have the mom Sea Monkey be in an apron cooking on the Sea Monkey stove while Sea Monkey dad with a TIE was reading the Sea Monkey Times newspaper.