Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love Me Some Bad Girls

To quote Mr Burns, "I may not know art but I know what I hate. And I don't hate this." These are some definitely 'anti - Disney' takes on some of their more famous Princesses. I picked out my five favourites but you can check them all out at the link below. Artist Jeffrey Thomas hits all the right notes with this series.

Twisted Princess: Mulan by *jeftoon01 on deviantART

Twisted Princess: Jasmine by *jeftoon01 on deviantART

Twisted Princess: Aurora by *jeftoon01 on deviantART

Twisted Princess: Snow White by *jeftoon01 on deviantART

Twisted Princess: Pocahontas by *jeftoon01 on deviantART



Wings1295 said...

Sort of like if DC's Blackest Night invaded the World of Disney!

Anonymous said...

Those are awesome! The Snow White in particular is so cool! :)

themom said...

Although these are "twisted" - I really like them. Snow White actually looks pretty damn good!

Margaret Benbow said...

I can stand these twisted sisters, but what he's done to the seven dwarfs is SICK--they look meaner than the evil Reavers in the sci-fi movie Serenity.

Calvin's Nuggets of Wisdom said...

You find some great stuff to post here, other Calvin. keep up the great work!