Monday, August 24, 2009

Loot Me Some Great Stuff

I love this picture from Retrospace Zero especially the guy with the large box. Seems that the best he could loot was an ironing table. Hardly seems worth the trouble going out for just that. How do you go home afterwards and tell your wife or girl that THIS was he best you could get her? Have some pride man. Loot like you mean it. This is what is wrong with the kids these days. No enthusiasm to do a good job with anything you attempt, even looting a city clean.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I remember that blackout like it was yesterday.

wiec? said...

i have to look that book up. i read a book about that summer in the city called The Bronx is Burning. a lot of truly f'ed up stuff went down. living in Brooklyn i get nervous whenever i hear we might be due for a black out.

the last major one we had (6 years ago) i had to walk 3 hours in the absolute pitch black. some parts of the trip were easier than others. at least i had some lukewarm beer to drink when i got home. the thermometer said it was 103 degrees in the bedroom.

the guy probably took the ironing board thinking he'd be prepared for next Mother's Day or something. that or he thought "i'm sick of looking like a slob. time to do something about it. stealing this ironing board should be a good start."