Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dream Mobile

Now I say this with full knowledge that I am NOT a car guy. I have no idea if this car is a piece of crap or not but THIS is my dream car. I previously would have chosen the Astin Martin from 'Goldfinger' with all the tricked out attachments but for pure visual impact, I gotta go with my beloved bubble top - 1956 Chevy Ultimus. I love the bubble tops on anything, space helmets, submarines, everything. I know, its a weird design thing with me. Its amazing that I found this on Samurai Frog's Tumblr the same day I remember the kid who designed a car just like this one so a shark could come on land to get us. OMG, SHARKS were working for Chrysler in 1956 and only the fickle car buying public kept them from taking over the world. We dodged another bullet people.

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Drake said...

re-blogged from my tumblr, just pimping the eclecticbanana tumblr blog...why yes i am shameless. :)

Bitchin' car.