Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From Deep Within the Cave of Cool

Have you ever just gone back into your blog to view that genius that you once were or have always been? If I wouldn't feel like I was ripping people off I would recycle some of my old posts for this new crowd that never knew me before. I mean how far back does someone read into a person's blog? I know with many of the favorites on my blog list I have gone back to the beginning and skimmed through the entire archive looking for interesting things. Its amazing how concistant some people are with their likes or dislikes or obsessions. I laugh at how my cephalopod hating posts have developed over time. I could do a weekly feature taking us back into the dark recesses of the Cave of Cool and bring you some oldies. Of course, this blog is not yet even a year old so how old can they be, right? But I gotta say for myself that with over 1500 posts so far there are few if any bums in the lot. If I repost then that will only screw up my numbers. But I suppose if there was a REASON to repost with say, additional information or an added video that I never embedded before, that the management could get away with it.

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Wings1295 said...

Any post from the Cave is a good post, in my opinion! ;)