Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ted Kennedy Dies

I am writing my first impression of this event and I understand that there are people who will never, for any reason let Ted off the hook for the death of Mary-Jo all those years ago. But hear me out. This was a young man from a family whose members had enormous pressure put on them to succeed and follow the path set for them by the family patriarch. He was no saint either but he wanted his family's legacy to be one of service despite what you may think of his ulterior motives or theirs. Two sons gave their lives to that cause and we will never know how great a world they could have created. Ted does not get a pass but he does deserve some understanding. Sure the power of his family kept him from a lifetime in jail. That happens to the children of the rich everyday. They skate when they should be locked away. He could have taken his fortune and skulked away but he chose to SERVE his country everyday as a Senator. He faced the looks and whispers from people who were NOT there that horrible night and who don't know what they would have done if confronted with similar circumstances. I choose to look at how he tried to make up for his actions. You can't fault the effort he made championing the issues of the poor even if you do fault the choices he made all those years ago. The pressure put on him by his world were huge and none of us is so saintly that we can judge lest we be judged ourselves. He paid a huge personal price and was denied the Presidency. Now I know for some of you there is no suffering that will be enough for him. Just consider what I have said. There but for the grace of god go I. Rest Well favored son.


Margaret Benbow said...

Your post is very insightful. I agree that Ted Kennedy spent his whole adult life trying to make up for that night of cowardice. His transformation was remarkable--from a weak and spoiled rich boy to a brave, committed and even fearless man, giving everything in service to our country. R.I.P. Ted, and thank you.

Darius Whiteplume said...

You know, I never think of the accident, and I am old enough to remember watching the Watergate Hearings on TV (I thought it was a show).

As far as skating goes, how about your daddy keeping you out of Vietnam but you still get heralded as an American war hero? Hmm, Dumb-ya?

I joke a bit, but I really liked Kennedy. I bet if we knew half the evils he protected us from in the last eight years we would never close our eyes again.