Friday, August 28, 2009

Stephanie Miller Show

They say that people listen to talk radio just to have their views validated. I just like to hear the human voices. For the same reason I keep the TV on 24/7. Makes the space seem less empty at times. I have listened to the hate radio of the right but after awhile I just want to go out and punch a puppy. I can only imagine what goes through the mind of their regular listeners and disciples who are bathes in this balloon juice every day, day after day. Its dangerous. Like raw meat to an attack dog. Since Obama's election they have only got more vile and they are the majority of voices heard on talk radio stations. Sure we all agree that free speech is necessary but there are times when the Glen Beck's and Bill O'Rielly's of this world need a good backhand just to get them to dial it down a bit. Don't tell me you are 'fair and balanced' on one hand and lie about the facts with the other. I am not an idiot. Thankfully, most of us 'progressives' (since liberal is such an evil term) are not prone to violence and not generally gun or pipe bomb owners. We respect a person's right to say whatever crap comes from their tiny peanut minds or bodies would be dropping all over the place. Our superior educations also tend to mitigate our more violent tendencies. A perfect example of two radio shows that GET it right are the Stepanie Miller Show and the Alan Colmes show. I have mentioned Colmes before. He takes more calls from the other side of the aisle in one night than most right radio hosts take from the left in a month. Miller has one of the best, most informative and funny morning shows of all time. The genius is that she combines a political point of view with biting sarcasm about the hypocrisy of the right. Did I mention it was funny and generally spot on? The wackiest of every wacky morning zoo crew but for smart people if that makes any sense. One of her co-hosts, Jim Ward, is a genius with voices and the kind of 'pythonesque' political satire that is so absent these days. The above picture is with her and other host Chris Lavoy. Great guests like Hal Sparks or The Rude Pundit make three hours in the morning just fly by. More than a couple of times she had talked me off the water tower by reminding me of the stupidity of the other side's positions and the rightness in our own. Good on ya girl.

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