Thursday, August 27, 2009

Larry David Is A Genius

I make no apologies for loving Seinfeld. Its one of the most brilliant sitcoms in TV history. All the characters are lovably selfish and amoral. The writing was so extraordinary that they invented new terms or phrases that have since become part of our shared pop culture language. Sure the last episode was not that good but how do you end a show so beloved without letting everyone down? For my money the only sitcom to have an ending worthy of greatness was 'Newhart' so Seinfeld has nothing to be ashamed of. Co-creator of Seinfeld, Larry David (who created and stars in one of my favorites shows, 'Curb Your Enthusiasm') is hoping to make magic again by doing a five part arc this fall on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' starring Jerry and the gang. If you have never seen 'Curb' its main character is the real Larry David and he interacts with real celebs in a quasi real-life comedy. The arc I speak of will star all four of the Seinfeld regulars (and even NEWMAN I hear - loves me some Newmy) as themselves and the plot will revolve around producing a Seinfeld reunion show. Larry has said many times that his own personality has a lot in common with the George Constanza character. It will be interesting to see how different the regulars are in real life compared to the people they played on TV.

This is my favorite clip and it comes from a blooper. My favorite character on the show is George's father, Frank Constanza, played by Jerry Stiller (father of Ben). He is just so crazy over the top with his line reading that he always cracks me up. Even as he tries to get control of this scene the others are helpless before his genius


Wings1295 said...

Seinfeld is a great show. Never watched the Curb Your Enthusiasm show, but might because of this. Interesting take on a reunion!

Cora said...

Oooooh, loves me some Seinfeld!

Lemmy Caution said...

Seinfeld was probably the funniest regular tv 'sitcom' ever.

Love Curb. You mention that Larry and the character of George are similar. There was actually a good running joke about that in one of the early seasons of Curb. People (including Jason Alexander) keep referring to the character of George as a complete idiot....much to Larry's ever increasing anger.